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Learn marketing from the scratch. Here, I share useful content every week in simplified way that is easy to understand and with step by step process which will help YOU to grow your business and improve your skill that are in demand in today’s corporate world.


Project Planning Techniques and Tools

An activity can be implemented effectively if its objectives and methodology are documented properly. In the case of a project, such type of document is known...

Product Life cycle

Introduction of the product life cycle As shoppers, we purchase a large number of items consistently. Furthermore, much the same as us, these items have an...

Choosing the Right Facebook Campaign Objective

As important as it is to understand how Facebook ads work, it’s really important to know which objective you should choose based on your business goals. In my...

Hostinger Vs GoDaddy

Comparing hosting plans and companies for your new website can be a daunting task! I can feel you as I was at the same spot a few years ago. But it's your...

How To Start Email Marketing For Free

What is Email-Marketing? -Email marketing is the process of using email to promote your business. It also helps in building relationships with potential...

Facebook Advertising Terms You Need to Know

Facebook Advertising Terms You Need to Know While most of us get confused over time with the terminologies you need to know to understand Facebook ads....

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