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About Shailesh

How Online Marketing Change My Life

Disclaimer!: This information Can Help You to Grow your Business or To Start an Online Business positively.


So, Welcome to my blog. I am glad that you are here today. I hope. My blog will able to help you Grow your Business or improve your skill.


I want to share with you How I started my Journey in Online Marketing.


In 2016, I completed my B.Tech Biotechnology. After looking for six months, I end up in a low paying job. I work for 9 to 6 and no Saturday off. I was Not Satisfied with my job.

Then, I started to research on digital marketing.


 Finally, the day has Come I Decided to Quit My Job. Trust me, Decision hard for me to Put my 4year engineering aside and Choose to new Field. But I made up my mind.


So, I joined the digital marketing institute from where I get theoretical Knowledge. But I was still a newbie. So, I joined a 3-month internship with no Stipend where I learn How to make Connection On social media and sell digital news products.


 In between, I never stop learning. I bought online courses to improve my skill. Some of them are life-changing for me.


After completing my internship, I joined the PR firm which use to handle and manage Public Personalities Twitter and linkedin. I was amazed by how much they are getting just 4 or 5 tweets per day and managing ORM of Public Personality. I feel I was Underpaid as compare to my work and Knowledge. I have gained skill I was confident.


Life has another path for me to follow.


So, I decided to take this as a stepping stone and started “Working digitally” My digital agency after one month with my friend ” Harsh” we both started learning digital marketing together.


It changed My life. After 2years we Served 50+ client with 5 MNC. More than 50+ website made till now. I was fortunate enough. Changing My Field does not go wrong for me.


I co-founded my happy keys gift e-commerce store which we sold in 1000$. Currently, we’re building skill development platform working digitally academy, will update you soon. 


2020, Completely Changed everyone life. COVID-19 crisis affects every sector. Most of my Marketing campaign is a pause. So, I decided to start a Blog where will share tips, technique, tricks of marketing and business management in simple ways.


 I will scale this blog 10k/m after three months, and my target to make 1lakh/m in a year with Complete Transparency will share all the steps and milestone. 


Will Keep Updating More.


Stay tuned.🙂



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Its all about timing, and that’s all.

I have 3+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry as a Website Developer and Social Media Manager certified by the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. In addition, I am Pursuing Marketing Management- Digital Media from Lambton College Toronto, Canada. I have experience in Content Creation and Publication, Managing and Reporting Social media Platforms, Website planning, and development (WordPress/Divi), Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),Google Analytics.

Shailesh, marketing consultant

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